Magnetic Levitation Wrist Rest Suspended Wrist Pad Decompression Wrist Rest Ergonomic Design Memory Foam Wrist Protection Pad


Microlock structure detail design ensures that the wrist rest can follow the wrist to move flexibly, and provides the most comfortable working angle.
Ergonomic design, and comfortable use, can effectively reduce muscle fatigue and the "mouse hand" symptoms.
Magnetic suspension structure, 360-degree decompression, and slow rebound memory cotton have good breathability and effective support for the wrist.
Utilize the adsorbability of a high-grade magnet, the wrist pad can also be used to collect the paper clip in corners, and scattered pushpins, to make the desktop clean.
Small decompression toy, one side is soft, the other side is crisp, can relax mood and reduce your working pressure.
Wide range of applications, suitable for students, accountants, designers, programmers, engineers, game enthusiasts, etc.

Product information:

Type: Wrist Mouse Pad, Office
Material: Slow rebound memory cotton, breathable fabric, ABS, NdFeB magnet galvanized

Single Sided Double Sided: Single Sided
Features: Bracers
Colour: Black
Product size; 11.5*11.5*3cm

Packing list:

Wrist rest*1

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